Realtors Survey Says…and the number one answer is trust.

If you are like me, the start of a new year is a great time to take stock of the things that worked the previous year and to make adjustments for the coming year. Evaluating the annual budget for our businesses is a large part of what we do on a daily basis. Allocating dollars for marketing and advertising is one of the most critical activities that needs to happen in order to chart a path to success. It is true that 20% of the agents do perform 80% of the work in our industry. Of course, the business end of the spectrum is what many often focus on. Expanding our network and contact list is key to guaranteeing ongoing success in this line of work.

As Realtors, the importance of how we manage our business is one part of the whole puzzle. Recently I created an informal survey that asked what qualities buyers and sellers found to be the most important in choosing their agent. Surprisingly enough, not one response had to do how they marketed, budgeted or long term planned their business.


Dawn Waters Debary Realtor

I found overall that the most important thing that buyers and sellers considered in choosing their agent was trustworthiness. This is not something that appear in any business plan that I know of. As agents, we are not only selling properties, we are selling ourselves. The ability to convey trustworthiness is directly related to how we deal with not only buyers and sellers, but with the other professionals that we interact with. I believe that our customers, regardless of which side of the transaction they may be on, are like children. They are sponges that get a sense of how we do business by watching and listening to how we speak and the amount of confidence that we show in our ability to get the deal closed.

Having an honesty first policy is something that has been key to my success as an agent. This approach is often overlooked when evaluating what should be first on an agent’s to do list. There is much to be said for implementing this practice in all things. I was surprised that things such as knowledge of the area, negotiating skills and the ability to accurately reach a listing price were mentioned after honesty in my informal survey. I believe that being found to be trustworthy and honest played a role in whether or not customers expressed confidence in the other areas.

When we pause and reflect on the things that make past clients more prone to refer their family and friends to us, we are reminded of the intangible qualities that our customers are most likely focused on. Remembering the simple things and occasionally looking at things from the customer’s vantage point is an activity that I highly recommend. When Realtors practice the art of trustworthiness we benefit on all levels. On a business level, aa Realtors ability to be honest with their own marketing plan is just as vital to our success and presenting that honesty in our dealings with the public. Staying focused on these things keeps us honest and reminds us that our success is based on more than a marketing plan or our advertising budgets.

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