Following Through on Appointments

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that it is getting more and more difficult to get in touch with listing agents? Over the past few months I have noticed a growing trend in real estate. There have been numerous occasions when I have wanted to set up showings of active properties and been unable to confirm appointments with the listing agent. We are all familiar with the need to follow the instructions given by listing agents in order to show buyers listings.

By following the showing instructions we assume that we will have the ability to schedule appointments for buyers who are in full on home search mode. On at least five occasions this month, I have made attempts to set appointments by following the detailed instructions provided by the listing agent or office and been unsuccessful in showing the home. Typically, these are appointment only showings and require at least 24 hours notice.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow through and confirm showing appointments quickly to other real estate agents. I am not complaining about a lack of immediate contact, but rather no contact at all, even after leaving messages on voice mail, text or email. Working with buyers can be challenging. Scheduling appointments and finding properties that fit their budget and criteria is often nothing short of a three ring circus. the stars cannot align if they cannot view the property that they have their heart set on.

Granted, it can often take time to reach a seller to set up an appointment. I understand that rarely do things happen quickly in our line of work. Our business is a wait and wait some more type of business. Seller’s depend on their agents bringing through as many potential buyers as possible to reach the goal of selling their home. Appointment only showings are an important part of the the life of a real estate agent.

When I have a new listing on the market, I can expect that my phone will be ringing and that there will be eager agents on the other end of the line requesting appointments. This is a good thing. Each one of them can expect to get a timely confirmation. It is how I do my part to make the real estate world run a little more smoothly.

I personally follow up with every showing request. Our ultimate goal is to get a contract as quickly as possible and close the deal. Real estate professionals are one of the few professions where we must work with our competitors on a daily basis to achieve the goal of closing transactions.

Agents should realize the immediate impact of failing to confirm appointments results in missing out on potential buyers. This is an obvious consequence. The more damaging consequence is the message that is conveyed to their peers. I admit that I am slightly obsessive about how I communicate with other agents.

I am a big fan of good communication and believe that it is key in helping to create smooth transactions and building relationships with our buyers, sellers, lenders and other real estate professionals. Our opinion of one another and success relies on how well we do our jobs, including confirming showings.