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Every Agent Needs a Real Estate Photographer

The benefits of using a professional real estate photographer to take MLS photos far outweighs the expense. Many times buyers are reluctant to even view what could be the perfect property for them because the photos are terrible.

Real estate agents can be a cheap bunch. I know, believe me. It is the nature of our business. Marketing a property for sale is one of the most challenging aspects of our jobs and it also happens to be the most important. The first step is getting photos that do not look they were taken with a Polaroid camera in the back of a cave. My message is simple.

The real estate photographer I use charges a flat rate of $75 per hour and it is worth every penny. Spending a few dollars on the front end is something most agents in my area are not interested in doing. I can understand this, but I do not agree with it. Before I started using a professional, my listings images were acceptable, but not spectacular.

real estate photographer

Experience has taught me that hiring someone who knows how to light a room properly is one of the smartest moves a real estate agent can make. Generating buyer interest has never been easier. A picture is worth a thousand words and could be the difference between a property sitting on the market or being sold quickly.

Often we forget that we have to spend money to make money and that you get what you pay for. Never hire the least expensive anything. I adapted this rule of thumb a long time ago with regard to my business. This is the same thinking behind those who list their homes For Sale by Owner. They believe that they are going to save money by not hiring a real estate agent. How much can someone save if their home is not selling? Zero percent of zero is a big fat zero.

There are many real estate photographers out there. Some good, others not so good. When choosing a photographer, definitely look at their portfolio before you hire them.  Ask them about their equipment and how long they have been a professional. Get references and make sure you check them. Find out how quickly they can turn around the images.

I promise you will never regret the decision to choose a professional real estate photographer. When other agents make comments about how great your listing photos look and the property has a parade of buyers viewing it,  you will be convinced that what I am saying is the truth.

Photos Bomb

Each week I make a point of checking out the newest listings in my area. I do this for two reasons. First, it is important that I keep up on what the pace of my local market is I check and see what is selling, how quickly properties are selling and what the listing to sales price ratios are. This helps me to know how to best price my newest listings and to be able to give an accurate answer to any who may ask me about how is the market doing while I am out an about in the community. The second reason I do this is so that I can inform the buyers that I am working with about any new properties that have come on the market. The time that I spend at the computer searching the MLS is one of my favorite ways to get ahead of the curve in my own business.

I look at hundreds of properties in the MLS in a week. The ability to get property information as it pertains to square footage, location and price, I am also able to view the photos included in the listings. This is my least favorite part of this process. I personally use a professional photographer when I have a new listing. The first thing most potential home buyers do is look at the images. During their home search this step is often where they form a first impression about whether or not they are interested. I have had many buyers tell me that they did not want to look at a property because it looked small or dark from the photos. I usually convince them to just take a look and then decide. I have been in homes that truly looked nothing like the images that were included in the listing.

I cannot impress upon those of us who sell real estate for a living the importance of good photographs. I have read articles in the various real estate publications, read blogs and have even seen advertisements which support my position. Even after all of this prodding and informing I wonder why I still see such terrible images in listings. I am a bit of a stickler about this. Images that are poor quality and improperly composed drive me crazy. I get it, we all have camera phones and believe that we can save a few dollars by taking our own photos.

The listing is the first way that a property is marketed and it is often the most important. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your property stands out among the crowd. I would guess that near 60% of the listings I view each week have terrible pictures. The photographer I use charges by the hour and is very reasonable. I am talking about basic photos of interiors, exteriors, community features or other unique details of a property. I do not need aerial photos or complicated panoramic shots to appear in the MLS. I usually spend around a hundred dollars per listing for the photos. On a high end property it may run upwards of two hundred dollars depending on the size of the property and how long it takes to shoot it. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the commission I may earn if the home sells. This is an expense that should be included in the cost of doing business. Ral estate photography is well worth the expense.Yvette Waters Photography

We all want to get any advantage that we can in a very competitive housing market. By understanding that people look with their eyes first when it comes to buying a home, we would all be wise to consider the impact that bad images can have on our bottom lines. When people are not able to get a good impression from the pictures they see they have a greater chance on missing out on what may be their next dream home. No more photo bombs please! If you live in the Orlando or Central Florida area and are in need of photographs, click here to view the website of the photographer that I use.